WOMEN IN THE WORD :: Thursday, September 10th @ 9:15am



This is a SAVE THE DATE notification as we move forward with our planning for the Fall Season of Women in the Word starting Thursday, September 10th @ 9:15am. We will be meeting at City Centre and will carry on meeting until June 2021.

We will be adjusting our meetings to reflect the guidelines of Health Canada or Region of Peel to ensure the safety of those choosing to attend these events in-person. More information will be available as the start date/time nears.

Women of all ages and stages in life are welcome! For more information, please Email Linda U or check back here to see the lastest update.



… Cost $15 includes all access and materials

This summer City Centre Women’s Ministries is excited to provide an integrated Devotional Bible Study through the Book of Philippians. Experienced Bible teacher and friend of City Centre, Kathy Butryn, has developed this 60-day study series that will begin on June 15th and go through to August 15th.

What is an Integrated Devotional Bible Study?

Combining daily quite time, study of scripture and fellowship in community, together we will be setting our hearts on God, His Word and His ways.

The journey includes:

  • Daily email devotional
  • Weekly video teachings
  • Guided Journalling PDFs for Quiet Time reflections
  • Facebook Group hosted by Kathy to interact and to keep the conversation going
  • Zoom Tea Time – a special time to gather online to reflect on how God is working.
  • The first zoom tea time will be on Saturday June 27th. More dates to follow.


Details about the Study:

Goodness. It’s been a very interesting few months, hasn’t it?

For some of us, this “interesting time” has turned our heart’s attention to our daily walk with the Lord.

With the precious gift of more time at home, we are leaning into the opportunity to linger in His Word and make space to listen to His voice and talk to Him through prayer.

Others of us, although we have the time, may be struggling to know how to even do that. We are not sure even where to start.

Or perhaps we are essential workers and time is not slow for us. We can barely keep up to the constant demands of our work, family, and home.

Many of us land somewhere in the midst of all those scenarios—off and on with our own personal quiet time. Trying to figure out how to have a deep and rich devotional life.

Let me tell you, I totally get it. All of these scenarios have described me at different times in my life—sometimes all in the same week!

Honestly though, there is nothing in our lives—absolutely nothing—that is more important than making time to cultivate our relationship with Jesus.

Than learning to sit with Him.

Than enjoying His sweet presence.

Than listening to Him through His Word.

There is also something really precious about doing it with someone else.

That’s why I am really excited to invite you to join me—and your other sisters at City Center—on a journey. A devotional journey we will do together.

Now, I am pretty sure that you will have some questions about this devotional journey, and I have tried to anticipate what they might be.

So keep on reading for some of those answers:

What is this devotional journey?

It is a daily devotional through the book of Philippians that you can use in your own quiet time over the next 8 weeks. Together we will be setting our hearts on God, His Word and His ways.

When does it start?

We will be starting on Monday June 15th.

What do I need to get started?

Just a pen, a notebook, and your Bible.

How will I know what to do each day?

Great question. Once you have signed up, you will receive access to the devotional website. The devotional plan will be there along with weekly videos where we will talk about cultivating our personal quiet time. We will be copying the book of Philippians together, learning how to meditate on God’s Word, and choosing a portion of Scripture each week to memorize/hide in our hearts.

Is this something I am doing all on my own?

Yes—but no. Let me explain. Yes, you are doing it on your own as you will use it as your own personal quiet time. No, you are not doing it on your own, as other women from City Center are doing it as their personal quiet time as well.

So does that mean we will be gathering as a group through this 8-week devotional journey?

Yes. There will be times throughout the devotional journey when you will be invited to a Zoom Tea Party. At that time we can share with each other some of the things we have been learning during our daily quiet/devotional time.

How much time will it take?

This devotional journey is only to help facilitate and cultivate your personal relationship with Him. The amount of time you choose to spend doing that is between you and the Lord.

Does it cost anything?

Yes, it is $15 including all access and materials

Our Women’s Ministries is dedicated to providing opportunities that enable women to not only find the relationships, encouragement, spiritual insight and training they need, but also to enjoy a haven from hectic schedules. The studies, programs and events listed below have your needs in mind. We pray that by becoming involved, your heart will be inspired, your life enriched, and your relationships strengthened.

Knowing the Word of God
Filled with the Spirit of God
Doing  the Will of God
Loving the People of God

PARENT / CHILD :: Tuesdays @ 10am (Paused until September)

PARENTS & TOTS (0 to 4 years old)
Parents, grandparents and/or caregivers can bring their preschool children (age 0-4 years) to meet up and take part in Christian focused activities through play, creative arts, songs, biblical story time and discussion about God.
The goal is through having a chance to play together, learn together, create together, and pray together. We can build one another up in God’s Word and love.
Come join us on Tuesdays from 10-11:30AM in the Preschool Room.
If you have any questions or want to join us please contact heidi.hlohinec@citycentrebaptist.ca.


Another way you can get connected is through small groups specifically for women at different ages and stages of life. Groups centered around growing in our faith as women through the study of God’s Word, and prayer. And pursuing authentic community as we care and love each other and enjoy a time of fellowship and connection, usually around food.
For more info about Women’s Ministries in general please email women@citycentrebaptist.ca



At City Centre we have many outstanding ministries, and we need more people to keep them running effectively.

Please consider a place where you can partner with us! Have a look at all the positions available.
Thank you!

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