True Patriot Love

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Sermon Notes

This week Pastor Deric begins our summer series True Patriot Love with a sermon in Psalm 72

Psalm 72
Icebreaker: How important is voting to you?
1. Using a concordance, find three other Psalms that talk about God governing the world.
2. What value do you place on the government of Canada?
3. Read Romans 13:1-7. In your own words state why submitting to government is important to God.
4. How active are you in keeping track of political events in Canada? Why or why not?
5. Do you agree that the government’s responsibility is to serve the people of the country?
6. What does a Christian do if a government is breaking God’s moral law (i.e. legitimizing same-sex marriage)?

“Good government is the outcome of private virtue.” – John Chapman