The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ

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Sermon Notes

This week Pastor Deric share a special message from Luke 24:45-53 entitled “The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ.”
?Luke 24:45-53?
Ice Breaker: I love planning! There’s almost nothing more fun for me than mapping out the details of a project. I go over and over my plan until I have all of the most intricate details in place. On the other hand, the actual ‘hands-on’ execution of the plan is not nearly so much fun for me. I like to see it progressing and ultimately completed, but the “doing” is not where I get my greatest joy.
What about you? There must be things that just seem natural and/or easy to you. Are there other related areas that are far more difficult to grasp, master or just far less interesting?
1. From the content of verse 45, describe what makes the Scriptures unique? How did the disciples’ experience here change things for them?
2. By comparing Him with other great leaders, explain how Jesus is unique as a leader. (vv. 46-48)
3. In your own words, how would you describe the mission that Jesus has left for His church? (vv. 47-48)
4. Why is the imagery Jesus uses important regarding His description of the power that was coming to the disciples? (v. 49)
5. What is it that should drive every believer to serve in Jesus’ church? Why do you serve in the church?  (v. 50)
6. How did the disciples react to Jesus’ ascension to heaven? Are you surprised at their reaction?
“Becoming a Christian doesn’t mean you can erase your past, but it does mean you have an entirely new future.”- Kevin De Young