The Story Behind the Story

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Sermon Notes

This week Pastor Deric share a special message from John 1:1-14 entitled “The Story Behind the Story.”
Please read John 1:1-14 & 29
?Ice Breaker: I love a great story, both fiction and non-fiction! There are many types of stories and two of my  favourites are adventure stories and biographies. ? ?In your opinion, what makes a story great??
1. How does John begin to build his case for the importance of the central character in his gospel? (vv. 1-5)  
2. There are different kinds of ‘life’ including physical, spiritual and eternal. How would this passage describe the origins of ‘life’? (v.4) (also see, John 14:6)
3. How do you understand this passage to describe the relationship between ‘light’ and ‘darkness’? (vv.4-5)
4. Why was it that the world did not know and recognize the Lord Jesus Christ when He was present? (vv.9-11)
5. Since the early church, Christians talk about being ‘born again’ and in verse 13 John describes being “born of God.”  Describe in your own words what it means to be ‘born of God.’ (vv. 11-13, 29) (also see John 3:3; Peter 1:3, 23)
6. How can you find ways to focus all year long on the importance of the incarnation? ?
“There are some mysteries that shut us out, and there are some that invite us in. The Trinity invites us in to discover and know our God.” – Nabeel Qureshi