The Steps to Repentance

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Sermon Notes

This week Pastor Deric continues our series The 180 with a sermon entitled “The Steps to Repentance” focussing on 2 Chronicles 7:14

2 Chronicles 7:11-16
Ice Breaker: What outdoor activities do you like to do?


1. On what occasion is God speaking to Solomon in verse 14, and why is this significant?
2. What does God promise to do in verse 14 when his people repent? .
3. Find 3 examples from the Old Testament of God forgiving Israel when they repented as a nation.
4. What is humility and why is it necessary for repentance? How does a lack of humility hinder repentance?
5. Read Revelation 3:19. What quality does Jesus pair with repentance? Where else is it mentioned in the New Testament?
6. How would you define this quality? Think of three antonyms to contrast your answer.
7. What can you do to cultivate this quality more in your own life?
8. What did you find helpful or challenging about the message?

“Repentance is more than just sorrow for the past; repentance is a change of mind and heart, a new life of denying self and serving the Saviour as king in self’s place.” – J.I. Packer