The Motivation for Repentance

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Sermon Notes

This week Pastor Deric begins our series The 180 with a sermon entitled “The Motivation for Repentance”

Romans 2:1-11

Ice Breaker: Who was the best boss you ever had? What made him or her so good?

1. What is the Biblical meaning of repentance?
2. What was John the Baptist’s primary message to the people of Israel? Find 3 examples from the gospels to support your answer.
3. Why did a message of repentance need to be preached before Jesus was revealed to the people?
4. What does it mean in Romans 2:4 for the unrepentant to “presume on the riches of (God’s) kindness”?
5. Read Romans 2:9-10. Why is glory (or condemnation) to the Jew first, and then the gentile?
6. In what areas of your life do you need to do a “180” and start doing things differently?
7. What do you find most challenging about changing your behaviour?
8. What did you find helpful or challenging about the message?

“The heavens will not be filled with those who never made mistakes but with those who recognized that they were off course and who corrected their ways to get back in the light of gospel truth.” – Dieter Uchtdorf