The Meaning of Baptism

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Sermon Notes

Pastor Deric teaches us “The Meaning of Baptism” in several different Scripture passages as we celebrated 6 baptisms.
Ice Breaker: Who is the first person you remember recognizing as an authority figure in your life?
Read Matthew 28:18-20
1. Describe the importance of the word “all” in this passage. (also read Acts 1:6-11)
2. What are two significant applications for life of a follower of Jesus that can be pulled from this passage?
Read Romans 6:1-4
3. What does the ordinance of baptism state about the one being baptized?
Read Acts 2:40-47
4. How is the process of witnessing, salvation and baptism described in the time of Acts? How is that different than our modern times?
5. Describe the community that was growing in these early days of the church. What were some of the unique attributes of this new community?
“If you look down at the poor or stay aloof from their suffering, you have not really understood or experienced God’s grace.” – Timothy Keller