The Hope of Healing

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Sermon Notes

Pastor Max shares a sermon this week entitled “The Hope of Healing” from James 5:13-20.

Ice Breaker: Describe some of the times God has answered prayers for healing that you are familiar with.  What about times when God has not provided healing?  Why do you think God sometimes intervenes miraculously and other times does not?  Are there any Scriptures that would support your thoughts?

1. Is sin ever a cause of sickness (see v.15-16)?  What are the dangers in answering either yes or no?

2. Why might the Bible be encouraging us to confess our sins to one another, and not just directly to God?  What benefits would come from this?  And what kind of spirit would we have to cultivate in order to be open enough with one another to confess and to hear confessions?

3. Do you ever feel like people in the Bible sound different from you and otherworldly?  And why do you feel that way?  What can we take away from verse seventeen’s description of Elijah?

4. Other than healing, what kinds of things should the Christian be quick to “call the elders of the church” for?  What does the Bible say about the profile and role of an elder?

5. How would you describe the role of healing in Jesus’ earthly ministry?  Use Biblical examples to demonstrate the priority, function and impact of healing in Jesus’ activities.