The Faith Gap

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Sermon Notes

This week Pastor Deric continues our series The Runaway Prophet with a sermon entitled The Faith Gap -The Danger of Disconnection focussing on Jonah 1:9-17.

Jonah 1:9-17
ICEBREAKER: What is one thing you really like about yourself? Why?
1. What does Jonah’s reply in verse 12 indicate about his knowledge of his actions? How does this illustrate the way our running from God can impact others in our lives?
2. Why did the men try to row harder even after Jonah had told them to throw him into the sea? (v.13) Why did the storm continue to get worse?
3. What do you think Jonah was expecting to happen to him after being thrown into the sea? What insights do you have from God’s response in sending the fish?
4. What storms have you faced in your own life that reshaped how you understood God and the world?
5. What is it in your life right now that God has called you to do – and trust him with it – that you’re running away from?
6. What did you find helpful or challenging about the message?

Just as a servant knows that he must first obey his master in all things, so the surrender to an implicit and unquestionable obedience must become the essential characteristic of our lives.” – Andrew Murray