The Church is a Loving Community – Deric Bartlett

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Sermon Notes

This week, Pastor Deric continues the series “We Are the Church: Christian Fellowship in a Lonely World” with a message titled “The Church is a Loving Community” based on 1 John 2:1-17.

1. Walk ___________ of Jesus Christ. (v. 1-6)
2. Live in fellowship with _______________. (v. 7-14)
3. Guard your heart against _____________. (v. 15-17)

ICEBREAKER: How do you usually get your news?

1. In light of the context, what is the old commandment that the Apostle John’s readers have had since the beginning [1 John 2:7]? Why is it important to obey it [cf. John 13:34-35; 1 John 3:11; and 2 John 1:5-6]?
2. What is the darkness that is passing away, and what is dispelling it [1 John 2:8]? Also consult John 1:5, 9; John 8:12; and Ephesians 5:7-12.
3. Is it true that actions speak louder than words [1 John 2:9]? Why [cf. 1 John 1:6; 1 John 3:15; and 1 John 4:20]?
4. According to 1 John 2:10, how can you tell if someone is abiding in the light? What difference does it make [cf. Romans 14:13; 1 Corinthians 13:1; and 1 John 3:14]?
5. What might cause someone to hate a brother [1 John 2:11]? What does this indicate about the person’s spiritual state [cf. John 12:35; 2 Peter 1:9; and 1 John 4:20]?
6. 1 John 2:12-14 lists several characteristics of Christians. What are they, and why are they such significant traits [cf. John 14:7-11; Acts 13:38; and Ephesians 6:10-20]?
7. What did you find helpful or challenging about this Sunday’s message?
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” (Martin Luther King Jr.)