Take Heart!

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Sermon Notes

Pastor Deric’s sermon this week is entitled “Take Heart!” from John 16:33. A response to all that has happened this week in our world.
Please read John 16:33
1.  Read John 16:25-33 and explain the context in your own words. Talk about how it relates to our lives as Christians in 2014.
2.  What evidence is there in verse 33 that Jesus isn’t an “escape” from troubled times?  Elaborate and discuss.

3.  How does a Christian experience peace in a world of tribulation according to verse 33?  (see Colossians 3:15; Philippians 4:6-7)

4.  Why is Jesus instruction to “take heart” so appropriate for a Christian?

5.  How has Jesus overcome the world? What does that mean?

6.  What is our role as Christians in a world that is descending increasingly into chaos and violence?