Stress Free

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Sermon Notes

Pastor Deric continues our current series “Your 100 Day Prayer” with a sermon entitled “Stress Free” from Psalm 55:22.
Psalm 55:22
Background: This psalm is a prayer for God’s help against dangerous enemies who hate the faithful. It was written by David during the revolt led by his son Absalom, who was supported by his close friend and counsellor Ahithophel. David provided this psalm for God’s people to sing when under this same kind of duress.

Ice Breaker: Stress is a reality in life and comes at us from a wide variety of sources.

How good are you at dealing with stress? What are some of the ways you’ve been taught or learned to cope with stress?

1. How does David direct us to approach our cares and burdens? (also see 1 Pet. 5:7)

2. How does God promise to respond to the troubles that we will face in life? (also see Gen. 45:11; Neh. 9:21)

3. What difference does God make, when we engage Him in our struggle with the everyday realities of life? (Gal. 6:2)

4. How are we able to include our Heavenly Father in our daily burdens? (Heb. 4:16)

5. What would be God’s purpose in this?

“On my very best days, I’m not good enough to enter God’s presence and on my very worst days, I’m not beyond God’s grace and love.” – Dwayne Cline