Refreshment in Repentance

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Sermon Notes

This week Pastor Max continues our series The 180 with a sermon entitled “Refreshment in Repentance”

Acts 3:17-21
1. What was the occasion for Peter delivering this message?
2. What is the requirement for God’s blessing mentioned in verse 26?
3. Find another verse from the New Testament which states that repentance is a gift from God.
4. Peter mentioned that all the prophets testified about Jesus (v.18). Find three prophecies from the Old Testament that foretold the works of Christ.
5. Why do you think the Pharisees & Sadducees refused to believe the miracles they saw?
6. What is the connection between repentance and faith?
7. Some of Peter’s listeners had hardened hearts which hindered them from believing and repenting. What obstacle do you need to overcome to repent?
8. What did you find helpful or challenging about the message?

“Repentance is siding with God against self.” – Todd Nibert