Put Your Heart In It-Pastor Deric

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Sermon Notes

This week Pastor Deric continues his series The Heart of the Matter with Part Two in 1 Chronicles 29:9-22 entitled “Put Your Heart In It”

1 Chronicles 29:9-22

Ice Breaker: Do you generally find saving money easy or hard? Is it easier to save for something specific?

1. Why was King David’s heart bursting with praise and thankfulness? (read vv.1-9)
2. What is the most exciting piece of information about the offering that was gathered?
3. What does a generous giver indicate about his/her heart and attitude towards God?
4. As expressed in his prayer, what was King David’s greatest joy? (v.17)
5. Describe the connection between the temple and devotion to the law. (v.19)
6. Can you see the same principles we’ve learned from David’s prayer at work in the church today? Explain your answer.                        

“Believing everything God has said in His Word is never risky, but it is dramatically risky to ever believe you know better than He does.”- Paul David Tripp