Power and Glory-Pastor Max

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Sermon Notes

This week Pastor Max begins his series Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer from John 17 with a sermon entitled ”Power and Glory”

John 17:1-5
Ice Breaker: What is the most amazing thing you have ever witnessed and why would you say so?
1. As Jesus opens his prayer and calls out to His Father, how would you describe Jesus deepest desire? (v.1)
2. What is Jesus’ purpose according to the authority that has been give to Him from His Father? (v.2)
3. How is ‘eternal life’ defined in verse 3 and what is crucial about the word ‘know’ in this same verse?
4. How does Jesus set a model for us in terms of how we are to approach our life and ministry? (v.4)
5. What are the 2 aspects of ‘glory’ spoken of in the opening paragraph of chapter 17?
6. How would you describe the relationship between Jesus and His Father?
7. How does this particular prayer of Jesus compare to other times He prayed? Please give references with similarities and differences.

“Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire, unuttered or expressed.” – James Montgomery