Patriot or Christian?

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Sermon Notes

This week Pastor Max continues our summer series True Patriot Love with a sermon in 1 Peter 2 & Daniel 2 entitled “Patriot or Christian?”

1 Peter 2 & Daniel 2
Ice Breaker: Do you tend to “go with the flow” or are you more likely to go against the trends?


1. As Peter states simply in verse 13, why are we to submit to every human institution?
2. Why has God established these rules for submitting to earthly authority?
3. What kind of “ignorance” could be corrected by following Peter’s instruction?
4. In this context, how would you describe or define the “freedom” we enjoy as Christians?
5. How are we to approach God and human authority in these matters? Are we to submit to anyone who might claim authority?
6. Rank these in a progression of obligation from first to last: Honour everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the emperor.

“We are relieved from the burden of the unknown because everything unknown is known to the One who guides, protects and lovingly Father’s us.”– Paul David Tripp