Love So Amazing, So Divine: Jesus Journeys Towards the Cross-Dr. Scotty Smith

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Sermon Notes

This week our guest speaker Dr. Scotty Smith taught us from John 18:1-14 with a sermon entitled ”Love So Amazing, So Divine: Jesus Journeys Towards the Cross”
John 18:1-14
Ice Breaker: If there was one thing you’d love to do in your service to God and His church, what would that be? 1. Which attribute or aspect of Jesus’ being does John clearly show in these verses of chapter 18?
2. What can a follower of Jesus count on? (vv.7-11)
3. Describe what Jesus’ actions are foreshadowing in these verses? (vv.12-14)
4. What would you describe as the most impactful words or actions of Jesus in these verses?
5. How would you describe the amazing love Jesus has for you?
“We don’t produce our significance like a professional achievement. God gives us significance as we put ourselves in His mighty hands.”- Ray Ortlund