Jesus Teaches Us How To Pray

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Sermon Notes

This week we have a special guest speaker James Seward who will be teaching us from Matthew 6:9-13 in a sermon entitled “Jesus Teaches Us How To Pray.”
Matthew 6:9-13
Ice Breaker: What is the best time of the day for you to pray?
1. Who taught you how to pray? How have your prayers changed since then?
2. How would you speak the prayer from this passage in your own words?
3. Describe the difference between praying like Jesus prayed, verses praying what Jesus prayed? (see Matthew 11:25-26)
4. How effective are we Christians at allowing Jesus’ teaching on prayer to shape our practice of prayer? Why? (Luke 18:10-13)
5. What do you typically pray for? What does this reveal about your heart? (see Matthew 5:44; 21:22; 26:39; Luke 6:28)
6. Is there anything that strikes you as unusual about this instruction from Jesus on prayer?
“Prayer brings new perspective because it puts God back into the picture.”- Timothy Keller