Jesus Prays for You-Pastor Max

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Sermon Notes

This week Pastor Max concludes his series Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer from John 17 with a sermon entitled ”Jesus Prays for You!”

John 17:20-26
Ice Breaker: Describe a true ‘prayer warrior’ you have known. What can you identify as a possible reason for their passion to pray?
1. What pattern is Jesus beginning to lay out here in this portion of His prayer? (vv.20-22)
2. How does the unity Jesus describes within the body, affect the world around us? How do you believe we are doing in this regard? (v.23)
3. Describe the ultimate picture of the unity Jesus is praying for. (v.24)
4. What is the desired result when there is unity in the body, as Jesus describes in verses 25 and 26?
5. What are some ways our church can reflect the unity Jesus prayed for in this chapter?
6. How does the modern world see the love of God in Christian believers?
“Let us preach Christ, sing of Christ, look upon Christ and become what we behold.”- Kevin DeYoung