He is Lord of All

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Sermon Notes

This week Pastor Deric concludes our summer series True Patriot Love with a sermon in Acts 10:34-47 entitled “He is Lord of All”

Acts 10:34-47
Icebreaker: What does the term “lordship” mean to you?
1. Read Luke 6:46 and Matthew 7:21. What does Christ identify as the main result of his lordship over our lives?
2. Acts 10:43 states that all the prophets bear witness to Christ as our Saviour. Find 3 Old Testament prophecies that support this.
3. What is the difference between living for Christ and Christ being your very life? (Phil. 1:21)
4. Acts 10:39 alludes to the fact that we are Christ’s witnesses. List 3 practical ways you can accomplish this in your day to day life.
5. Read Phil. 2:5-11. Through what means did Christ receive absolute authority over all things?
6. The lordship of Christ means he has total authority over every area of our lives. What are some areas of your life that still need to be affected by this?

“The Christian life is not adding Jesus to one’s own way of life but renouncing that personal way of life for His and being willing to pay whatever cost that may require.” – John MacArthur