Hated by the World-Pastor Deric

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Sermon Notes

This week Pastor Deric continues his series In God We Trust from John 14-16 with a sermon entitled ”Hated by the World”

John 15:18-27
Ice Breaker: What do you look forward to most about the seasonal change from winter into spring?
1. Why does the ‘world’ hate Christians? (vv.18-19)
2. What is the difference between ‘hating’ and ‘persecuting’ Christians? (vv.20-21)
3. What is it about Jesus’ message that stirs up the world? (vv.22-23)
4. Why did so many react so negatively to Jesus’ miracles? (vv.24-25)
5. What is the ‘hope’ that Jesus re-introduces to His disciples, and to us? (vv.26-27)
6. How are we to respond to hate and persecution in our time? Is it ever appropriate to ‘stand up and fight’ for what you believe?


“How did Jesus expect His disciples to react under persecution? (In Matthew 5:12 He said), “Rejoice and be glad!” We are not to retaliate like an unbeliever, nor sulk like a child, nor lick our wound in self-pity like a dog, nor just grin and bear it like a Stoic, still less, pretend we enjoy it like a masochist. What then? We are to rejoice as a Christian should and even “leap for joy” (Lk. 6:23).”- John Stott