God Feels What You Feel

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Sermon Notes

Pastor Deric continues his current series “Your 100 Day Prayer” with a sermon entitled “God Feels What You Feel” from Isaiah 63:7-19.
Isaiah 63:7-19
Ice Breaker: Sometimes it seems that we can be ‘knocked off stride’ by the simplest, as well as the biggest things life throws at us. Other times we seem to be able to handle even the most difficult twists and turns of life with little or no affect. I think I’m usually somewhere in the middle. While the big issues of life can certainly get to me, there are times when insignificant things set me off as well. I’m sure we all have those moments from time to time.

How do you regain your footing in life after you’ve been disturbed enough to be knocked off stride?

1. From this passage, how do the people of God view their God? (v.7)

2. God identifies with His people in such a way that He commits Himself to them in action. In what ways has God ‘saved’ his children? (vv.8-9)

3. Why would the ‘Holy Spirit’ specifically be grieved by their rebellion and what was the result? (v.10)

4. In the thick of the rebellion, everything changes for God’s people. How does God ‘change’? (vv.11-13)

5. What is God’s purpose and reason for all of this? (v.14-19)

6. How do we know that God feels what we feel? (vv.7-19)

“If you do not die to sin, you shall die for sin. If you do not slay sin, sin will slay you.”- Charles H. Spurgeon