For We…Have Come To Worship Him

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Sermon Notes

Pastor Deric concludes our Christmas series “Come Together for Christmas” with a sermon entitled “For we…have come to worship Him” from Matthew 2:2.
Matthew 2:2
Ice Breaker: What one thing about Jesus causes you to worship Him this Christmas?

1. What does the Magi asking “where is he” say about what they expected from the Jews in Jerusalem?

2. The Magi were ready to worship Jesus as they arrived and met Him. What did they know about Him that required their worship?

3. What does the fact that this diverse entourage who came to worship Jesus suggest about how we are to worship?

4. How would this experience of meeting and worshiping Jesus have affected the Magi? (see v.11)

5. What have you learned from this ‘Come Together for Christmas’ series and how are you going to apply that to your worship of Jesus this Christmas and into 2016?

“Abraham knew the Lord as a promise maker, Moses knew Him as a promise keeper, but we know the One in whom all the promises are yes and amen.”- Kevin DeYoung