“Farewell.” A Ministry Map from Acts 20

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Sermon Notes

This week Pastor Deric share a special message to kick off our ministry year from Acts 20:17-38 entitled “Farewell. A Ministry Map from Acts 20”.

Please read Acts 20:17-38
1. Who is Paul serving according to vs.18-19 and what does it have to do with his ministry to the church at Ephesus?
2. What are the two major components of Paul’s teaching ministry that are highlighted in vs.21 and why are they important?
3. Why was Paul committed to going to Jerusalem? vs.22-24
4. Explain why Paul’s view of himself is important to the progress of the Gospel? vs.24
5. What makes us “innocent of the blood of all men” according to vs.26-27?

6. Who are the “wolves” that Paul warned about in vs.29-30 and how does a congregation recognize them?

7. Who ultimately is responsible for the well being of a local congregation according to Paul’s farewell address to the elders at Ephesus? Compare verses 28-32.

8. How is it more blessed to give than to receive? vs.35
9. What does the “kneeling, praying, weeping, embracing and kissing” (vs.36-38) tell you about the bond that exists between believers in a local church?

Click here for a PDF version of the Digging Deeper questions