Enduring Divine Hardship

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Sermon Notes

Pastor Deric continues our Christmas series “Come Together for Christmas” with a sermon entitled “Enduring Divine Hardships” from Matthew 2:13-23
Matthew 2:13-23
Ice Breaker: You don’t have to be from a war-torn area of the world to have experienced times of difficulty and even great hardships in life.
How have you experienced God’s wisdom and provision in times of difficulty in your life?
1. Why would it seem strange that God would send Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus to Egypt of all places? (vv.13-15)
2. What portion of God’s message to Joseph might seem a little different, and why might that be? (v.13b)
3. How does Herod’s arrogance toward God seem somewhat familiar in the world today? (v.16)
4. In the midst of a great tragedy in the region of Bethlehem, how might there be a glimmer of hope? (v.18) (see Jer. 31:16-17)
5. What would be the significance of Jesus’ growing up in Nazareth as opposed to a city like Jerusalem? (vv.19-23)
6. What does this passage have to say to you about what Christians should expect to encounter regarding hardships in the world we live in?
“The head finds reasons to disbelieve when the heart is unwilling to surrender.”- Kevin DeYoung