Embracing Divine Guidance

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Sermon Notes

Pastor Deric continues our Christmas series “Come Together for Christmas” with a sermon entitled “Embracing Divine Guidance” from Matthew 2:1-12
Matthew 2:1-12
Ice Breaker: Who do you turn to when you have a need for wisdom or good advice, and why?
1. What is the significance of Jesus being born in Bethlehem of Judea? (v.1)
2. Who were the ‘wise men’ who came looking for the ‘king of the Jews’ and what is the significance of their coming? (v.2)
3. Why was Herod and ‘all of Jerusalem’ troubled by the news of Jesus’ birth? (vv.3-6)
4. How is the chief priests’ response to the news of the birth of a ruler/shepherd for the people of Israel puzzling? (vv.3-6)
5. Describe how this story is a lesson for the church today? (vv.1-2, 7-12)
6. What would be your most significant ‘take away’ from this story of the wise men and their experience?
“It’s one thing to believe in God, but it is another thing to trust Him.”- Timothy Keller