Easter at the LAC

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For Easter Sunday at the Living Arts Centre Pastor Deric taught us a powerful Gospel message from John 17:3

John 17:1-3
Ice Breaker: What’s the worst tasting food you have ever had?


1. What does “knowing God” mean (v.3)? How does knowing God give eternal life?
2. In verse 1 Jesus prays for the Father to glorify him, so he could glorify the Father. How was Jesus glorified?
3. Read John 17:26. What did Jesus mean when he said he would continue to make God’s name known? What is the fruit of knowing God’s name?
4. How would you describe “the good life”? How do you think Jesus would describe “the good life”, and how might it differ from your own ideas?
5. In verse 20 Jesus said that his prayers weren’t only for the disciples who were with him, but for all believers. How does this change the way you think about everything he asked for?
6. What changes do you need to make so that you can experience the fullness of life that is in Jesus?
7. What did you find helpful or challenging about the message?

“Come, and see the victories of the cross. Christ’s wounds are thy healings, His agonies thy repose, His conflicts thy conquests, His groans thy songs, His pains thine ease, His shame thy glory, His death thy life, His sufferings thy salvation.” – Matthew Henry