Consider and Imitate

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Sermon Notes

This week Pastor Darryl Dash preaches a sermon entitled Consider and Imitate focussing on Hebrews 13:7-8.

Hebrews 13:7-8.
ICEBREAKER: What was the best job your ever had? What made it so good?
1. What do you think the “outcome” was of the leader’s lives? (v.7)
2. Find three additional verses from the New Testament about imitation. What common thread do you see through them?
3. Who are some people who taught you God’s Word and impacted your life? What did you learn from them?
4. What is one wrong attitude of the heart that could hinder us from imitating another’s good example?
5. Why do you think we tend to doubt that God can use our lives to impact others?
6. What are some things you can do to influence others to live for Jesus?
7. What did you find helpful or challenging about the message?

“When you realize God’s purpose for your life isn’t just about you, He will use you in a mighty way.” – Tony Evans