Being Thankful Everyday -Tom Le Roy

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Sermon Notes

This week, Pastor Tom shares a special message in honour of our 42nd anniversary and Thanksgiving weekend. “Being Thankful Everyday” is based on Psalm 111.

1. ________ About God’s Great Works
2. ________ God’s Great Works
3. ________ God’s Great Works
4. The ________ of God’s Great Works
5. ________ from God’s Great Works

ICEBREAKER: What are you most grateful for during this Thanksgiving season?
1. Why are wholehearted praise and thanksgiving appropriate responses of worship [Psalm 111:1]? What does wholehearted worship look like [cf. 2 Samuel 6:12-15; Isaiah 6:1-8; and John 9:35-38]?

2. What works of the LORD have you observed that cause you to study and delight in them [Psalm 111:2]? Also, consult Psalm 19:1-6; Psalm 139:13-16; and Psalm 148:1-14 for more insights.

3. How have you experienced the grace and mercy of the LORD in your life over the past year [Psalm 111:4]? Also, consider 2 Chronicles 30:9; Nehemiah 9:16-25; and Joel 2:12-14.

4. During what time in Israel’s history did the LORD give them the inheritance of the nations [Psalm 111:6]? How does looking back at God’s past faithfulness help you trust Him in the future [cf. Deuteronomy 7:6-8; Joshua 21:43-45; and Acts 7:1-50]?

5. Note some of the LORD’s attributes that are listed throughout this psalm. How is this revelation of God’s character giving you reasons for thanksgiving today [cf. Exodus 34:6-7; Psalm 103:8-18; and Micah 7:18-20]?

6. Why is the fear of the LORD the beginning of wisdom [Psalm 111:10]? What does it look like to fear God, and how does this influence the way you live each day [cf. Job 28:28; Proverbs 1:7; and Ecclesiastes 12:13-14]?

7. What did you find helpful or challenging about this Sunday’s message?

“We need to discover all over again that worship is natural to the Christian, as it was to the godly Israelites who wrote the psalms, and that the habit of celebrating the greatness and graciousness of God yields an endless flow of thankfulness, joy, and zeal.”
J.I. Packer