A Tale of Two Lions

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Sermon Notes

This week our guest speaker is Rev. Paul Estabrooks with Open Doors International, helping persecuted Christians around the world. Rev. Paul Estabrooks’ message is from 1 Peter 5:8-11 entitled “A Tale of Two Lions.”

1 Peter 5:8-11
Ice Breaker: An inattentive driver is one of the greatest dangers one might face on the road. There is genuine danger

if all drivers aren’t focused and attentive to the task.

What are some practical things you do to assure you give proper attention to the most important tasks in your

1. Discuss how the following Scriptures will help us understand who Satan really is? (see John 14:30; 2 Cor
4:4; Eph 2:2)

2. Sometimes people act as if Satan is just an evil influence. Why does knowing Satan is a real being matter?

3. As an enemy of God, how does Satan carry on his subversive activities within your church and family? What
tactics does he employ against you?

4. Some believe that Satan cannot harm a Christian. What does God’s Word teach about this? (see Heb 11:32-39)

5. Describe how we can have victory over Satan’s accusations. (see Rev 12:10-11)

6. What is the Biblical response of Christians to the sufferings of brothers and sisters around the world?

7. How is the plight of the persecuted church around the world linked to you?

“Only God can make the depraved heart desire God.”- John Piper