Sponsored Families

One more Family to Arrive in the near Future!

YYZ Arrivals

We are awaiting an update on our Pakistani family. 
Our committee has been meeting to help us organize accommodations and all the specific practical things that each family will need for everyday life. The committee will help provide our church family with direction on each family’s basic needs.
Please keep your eyes open for possible furniture that these families can use to begin living here. If you want to help our refugees settle in smoothly, please connect with Randy in the church office.


Our Fourth family has been advanced to the interview stage.
Please continue to pray for all families as they make final preparations to move to Canada.

Family #4

Our Pakistani family has been living in Malaysia since 2012 as a result of religious persecution. The father had worked as a maintenance manager for a fleet of rental cars back in India. His wife, was a stay at home mom. They have 3 children; one is already married and living in Pakistan with their own family. The remaining two sons are with their parents in Malaysia and all four applications are being processed.  We hope to have a further update soon!

Please pray for protection and provision for

all our families as they continue their journey to settling in Canada.


The Hakopian Family were slightly delayed, but they have arrived!

Although the Hakopian family’s flight was delayed 4 hours, they have arrived safely!  There were about 15 people from City Centre at the airport to greet Armen, Zina and Samoeel.  They’ve been able to meet up with their firends; Dhiyaa, Hiba, Mirna, Sameer & Najlaa. They are now resting comfortably in their temporary accommodation.
Please continue to pray for them as they adjust to their new home! 

Brief Bio

Pastor A accepted the Lord in 1990.  Prior to coming to faith, he was a singer.  He joined the choir of a Presbyterian church in Bagdad which was the only evangelical church in the city. He ended up feeling a call to ministry and served 6 years in Youth Ministry there.

In 2007, he began serving in church plant ministry in Duhok, with a passion for helping churches to have vibrant and skillful worship.  Pastor A assembled and trained worship teams, teaching both spiritual and technical components.  He also taught leadership and was a trainer in the Evangelism Explosion curriculum.

After fleeing to Beirut under persecution for his faith, He resumed church planting work with a focus on evangelism and discipleship.  In his first church God grew the congregation from 15 people to over 100.  He started a Monday night ministry to Muslims which saw more than 100 put their faith is Jesus.

He also teaches in multiple other classes and programs geared toward Muslims.  His goal for the past 2 years was to see 1,000 Muslims come to Christ through his work – and God has done it!

A’s wife Z is currently studying theology at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Beirut.  Their son S is a teenager who loves sports, especially soccer and basketball.


Sameer & Najlaa have arrived safe and sound.

There were about 10 people from City Centre at the airport to greet Sameer & Najlaa.  They are settling into their temporary accommodation nicely.
Please continue to pray for them as they adjust to their new home! 

Brief Bio

Najlaa is Dhiyaa Naaman’s sister and also studied at ABTS.  She was the treasurer of her local church and served in women’s ministry as well as a Christian library.  Her husband Sameer worked in packing and distribution.

Sameer & Najlaa came to Christ through Pastor A’s ministry.

The Naaman Family


Getting Settled!

The Naaman’s have been settling into their life here in Canada. Dhyaa has found work at a physically demanding job. He is grateful for this opportunity and the ability to care for his family’s needs. He has asked that we continue to pray for him and his family in this regard. Hiba is currently taking English classes and is working towards providing daycare services in their home. Mirna is settling into her school and is enjoying making new friends and getting involved in more activities. The whole family is very excited about their friends, the two other Iraqi families, that are almost here. Please continue to pray for the Naaman’s as they prepare for the fall and winter ahead!

Moved into the permanent Address!

The Naaman’s have been settling into their new apartment. They are extremely grateful for all the care and compassion that’s been shown to them. Please keep them in prayer as they continue to adjust to their new country, lifestyle and deal with the ongoing settlement needs.

Found an Apartment!

The Naaman’s have found an apartment. Thank you to all those who provided leads. We are grateful that Dhiyaa, Hiba and Mirna will be moving into their new apartment soon! Please keep the Naaman family in prayer as they get ready to move into their new home. Pray that any potential needs are being taken care of and they are protected during this vulnerable time.

The Naaman family, have arrived safe and sound.

There were about 16 people from City Centre at the airport to greet Dhiyaa, Hiba and Mirna.  They are settling into their temporary accommodation nicely.  Over the last few days, they’ve been out and about with Pastor Drew (& Paul & Deb Laroche) to get their documents and see a few things close to home.
Please continue to pray for them as they adjust to their new home! 

Brief Bio on the Naaman Family!

Dhiyaa worked for an organization called “Heart for Lebanon” which is a home visitation ministry and support for refugees.  Hiba, his wife, was a kindergarten teacher in the church supporting refugees who come to Lebanon and must catch up to academic standards. Both were enrolled in theology training at ABTS. Mirna, their teenaged daughter, is interested in photography and science.
The Naaman Family came to Christ through Pastor A’s ministry.