Sponsored Family
One more Family to Arrive in Canada!

YYZ Arrivals

We are awaiting an update on our Pakistani family. 
Our committee has been meeting to help us organize accommodations and all the specific practical things that each family will need for everyday life. The committee will help provide our church family with direction on each family’s basic needs.
Please keep your eyes open for possible furniture that these families can use to begin living here. If you want to help our refugees settle in smoothly, please contact the church office.


Our Fourth sponsored family have advanced to the interview stage. However, COVID-19 has created an issue.
Please continue to pray for this as they make final preparations to move to Canada.

Family #4

Our Pakistani family has been living in Malaysia since 2012 as a result of religious persecution. The father had worked as a maintenance manager for a fleet of rental cars back in India. His wife, was a stay at home mom. They have 3 children; one is already married and living in Pakistan with their own family. The remaining two sons are with their parents in Malaysia and all four applications are being processed.  We hope to have a further update soon!