WORSHIP in Arabic at City Centre! 

It’s been a prayer for our church for a long time to sponsor an Arabic service on the campus of City Centre Baptist in Mississauga. On September 13th God answered in an amazing way. Let me explain.

Our church is situated in one of Canada’s most densely and diversely populated regions. It’s called the GTA (now the GTHA). We are blessed to have 40 different nations of the earth represented in our church. It’s a little taste of heaven on earth. What the world cannot do in uniting the peoples of our planet, Jesus does in bringing all nations into His Church where they are ONE in Him.

We are accomplishing several Biblical goals. We are preaching the Gospel to the nations as they arrive in Mississauga while practicing a church culture where nationality, ethnicity or religious background does not separate. It makes sense from several different standpoints but more importantly it fulfills the Great Commission mandate of Jesus. It’s giving immigrants a spiritual home as they acclimate to their new home country. As they build community with fellow Arabic Canadians, they will have a better chance of flourishing in their new homeland.

Sunday, September 13th was very exciting. There were over 60 Arabic speaking people in attendance at our 3rd service. Our first two services are held at 9 &11 AM in English and our 3rd service is held at 1 PM in Arabic led by Pastor Armen Hakopian and his team. It was moving to be there. I had the privilege of welcoming the Arabic congregation to their new church home on behalf of the City Centre Church family. Remember church family that you are the reason that 3 families were able to immigrate to Canada over the last 1.5 years. Your generosity is what made this possible. THANK-YOU.

There is something special about hearing other followers of Jesus worship in their native tongue. And something equally moving to hear the Word of God preached in the language of the audience. Pastor Armen Hakopian has been preparing for the launch for several months. He has demonstrated great leadership and a pastor’s heart for this new congregation. You can find him on the Pastoral Staff page on our website. He has been hired to help us fulfill our mission “to make disciples of all nations”.

Church family, why not send a short email to Pastor Armen to let him know that you are praying for him and the Arabic congregation that he is planting at City Centre. Or phone and leave him a message @ (905) 826-8581 ext. 237. Follow the latest updates on our Arabic Community Facebook page.

Thank you for your ongoing support of this new Ministry at City Centre!
Pastor Deric

Your City Centre Team 

I serve the Lord and the people of City Centre Church with a great team.
They are serious about fulfilling the mandate of Jesus; i.e. to make disciples of all nations.
Perhaps the greatest compliment that I could make of the team is that they share the same burden. And that burden is YOU. The people of our church family. COVID-19 has done a number on the ways that we can connect for now, but it has only strengthened our resolve to be your servant for Jesus’ sake.
City Centre! Your staff team are committed to both ministry and operational excellence. We are renewed in our passion to serve you well and serve you better. We are not claiming to be the best, but we are promising to do our best, for your good and for the glory of God. That is a great definition of excellence BTW. Simply doing our best to do what we love the most. We love serving the people entrusted to us to nurture and equip you to serve in the kingdom of God.
Now a disclaimer. The team knows full well that these are trying times for everyone. As much as we don’t want to miss anyone. But I’m sure we have in some way. I can only assure the church family that the team is doing its best to find and fulfill ways to be in touch to make sure that you are well, or not.
So be in touch. Send us an update on you and your family. Let us know how we can build you up in faith.
Pray for them as they are praying for you!
They are (from left to right): Paul Alli (Technical Director), Rev. Armen Hakopian (Arabic Ministry Pastor), Sophia Belnavis (Office Administrator), Carol Roycroft (Communications Director), Heidi Hlohinec (Children’s Ministry Director), Greg Armstrong (Youth and Young Adults Pastor), Drew Armstrong (Community Life Pastor), Rev. Brad Lehman (Adult Ministry Pastor), Deva Ratnam (Director of Operations), and Max Oates (Associate Pastor).
For the Team!
Pastor Deric