BABY BOTTLE CAMPAIGN :: Mother’s Day to Father’s Day

Fill a Bottle, Make a Difference!

This yearly campaign makes a difference in the lives of our families in so many ways. We are deeply grateful for the giving of your time and treasure for others by filling a bottle and making a difference!

You can identify your bottle by completing the tag and tucking it inside when you hand it in. Or you may register your bottle online, and we will match up the number on the bottle to your information, and make sure you receive your tax receipt for 2019!

Not interested in filling a bottle but wish to strengthen families and make a difference? Thank you so much!! Click here to donate through Canada Helps – it’s quick, you can use your credit card, and will get a tax receipt right away!

Information on our Partner Organization ~ JFJ Hope Centre

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD :: Thanksgiving to mid-November

Operation Christmas Child is a hands-on project that brings joy and hope to children in desperate situations around the world through gift-filled shoe boxes packed by Canadians. It is one way to remind children suffering as a result of war, poverty, famine, disease, and disaster that they are loved and not forgotten.
Boys and girls receive shoe box gifts and this connection provides other opportunities for follow-up discipleship programs, where they learn to follow Christ and share Him with others.
Consider putting together a box for a little girl or boy this Christmas!
Information on our Partner Organization ~ SAMARITAN’S PURSE

GIFT MOUNTAIN :: Nov through Dec

Patrons of The Open Door often have a difficult time finding the means to provide even a very basic Christmas for their family. Gift cards help fill the gap(s) and allows each individual to purchase the exact item(s) they need or desire. Your gift enables people with the rare luxury of choosing between treating themselves or providing for their basic necessities.
GIFT CARD suggestions: Clothing, Coffee Shops/Cafes, Department Stores, Entertainment, Fast food, Grocery Stores, Restaurants and Specialty Stores.
There are are four ways to give:
  1.  Purchase Gift Cards
  2.  Provide Cash*
  3.  Provide a Cheque made out to The OPEN DOOR.
  4.  Give Online directly to The OPEN DOOR.
By early December please place any of the first three options into a sealed envelope labelled “Gift Mountain” and place the envelope in the Offering Box at the lower entrance to the church or email Pastor Drew to work out other arrangements.

If you are donating to directly to The OPEN DOOR, please follow this link.

* all cash donations to Gift Mountain will be turned into gift cards and presented to The OPEN DOOR.
Information on our Partner Organization ~ THE OPEN DOOR

WINTER CLOTHING DRIVE :: mid of November to early January

For many years City Centre has participated in a Winter Clothing Drive in support of The Open Door. This clothing drive includes coats, hats, scarves and gloves. If you, or your children, have outgrown your current winter clothing, please consider donating these items to our Winter Clothing Drive.
Help us keep those in need in Mississauga warmly clothed this winter! Thank you for your generosity.
Information on our Partner Organization ~ THE OPEN DOOR

DRIVE-THRU FOOD DRIVE :: October 4th from 3-5pm @ City Centre

We love helping our own community. Our annual Fall Food Drive is in support of THE OPEN DOOR.
THE OPEN DOOR indicated that they DO NOT need bags of pasta. They are currently at the limit of what they can handle.
This is a Drive-Thru Food Drive, just like we had in the spring. We are asking drivers to drive around the building like in the Spring but, the drop off point will be on the lower level.  We will open up the gym doors on the lower level to off-load the food items.
We will deliver to THE OPEN DOOR on Tue Oct 6th.  If you are able to help load up the truck(s), please email Pastor Drew.
Thank you for all your support!
Information on our usual Fall Food Drive Partner Organization ~ THE OPEN DOOR

DRIVE-THRU FOOD DRIVE :: JUNE 7th, 2020 Thank You


Information on our Partner Organization ~ EDEN FOOD FOR CHANGE