Next Steps
The People Path helps explain our vision for the Next Steps that people can take to grow in their relationship with Christ. The four basis areas of focus arer
* Discover
* Deeper
* Deploy
* Duplicate
No matter what stage you’re at in life, or on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here!


FIRST STEP (Get Directions) :: 1 Session

Is City Centre the right fit for you?
Your journey will be as unique as you are, sit down for a one-to-one with Pastor Drew to find the best fit for you


:: # of Sessions as needed

Do you have questions … about church? … about why a relationship with Jesus is important? … a question that you just need to ask?

BAPTISM CLASS (Get on Board) :: 2 Sessions


A Step of Obedience for all Believers


MEMBERSHIP (Get Together) :: 1 Session

Joining City Centre means more than just adding your name to the membership list. When you decide to join us, you are telling us that you want to be involved in community life here, and that you want others in the church to be involved in your life.
If you want to become a member please consider meeting up with Pastor Drew regarding Next Steps (see above for details). After that, please get in touch with Pastor Brad for more details and information about upcoming classes.
We would love to have you join us on mission in Mississauga!
FOUNDATIONS (Get Grounded) :: 5 Sessions
One of our priorities as a church is teaching new and growing Christians to obey everything Christ has commanded them [Matthew 28:19-20]. Our purpose is to help all believers grow stronger in their faith. In order to establish a firm scriptural foundation for your life and to develop habits that will help strengthen you, this class will provide some of the basics to help you grow. As you will discover, the Christian life is a journey of learning about who God is, and how to walk with Him. Whether you are a brand-new believer or have been on your journey for a while, this class is for you!


As a church family, we would love to help you develop in your everyday life to grow and deepen in your relationship with God. . We are implementing new classes all the time,



Learn the Basics to Studying your Bible 

Learning how to truly study your Bible is so important. This class teaches about how to dig deeper into your Bible. Tips and Tricks for helping you to get more out of your Bible between Sundays.

Alien Life on Earth :: A Study in the Book of 1 Peter (5 Sessions) & 2 Peter (3 Sessions)

The Apostle Peter knew the early Church was facing both external and internal threats from the world. He wrote 1 Peter to challenge believers to stand firm in the face of external persecution. He dubbed them “aliens and exiles” in the world who were called to live for a promised better world. In so doing, they would serve as examples to unbelievers of the reality of Christ. Later, Peter wrote his second letter to deal with the internal threat of false teachers in the church, and to expose the corrupting influence of their ideas and lifestyles. Both letters call Christians to live well now for Christ’s sake in anticipation of His glorious kingdom to come.

A Biblical approach to Finances!

The seven-session class is focused on learning a Biblical foundation for managing your finances. This course is taught by a Christian CA and is valuable to learn the basics about how God views our finances.

This is a 7-week class, our next session will be announced later in the Fall.
There is a $20 cost for the booklet used during class.