Make Disciples – Reaching & Building
City Centre takes Matthew 28:18-20 to heart! One of the graphics that we use to visualize the 5 Habits that growing Christians should have is below!
These are the habits all believers should have in their lives and at City Centre we want to help you develop these habits as you grow in your faith.
God Time:
Time spent daily alone in fellowship with God
Gather Time:
Time spent weekly gathering in worship with my church
Grow Time:
Time spent consistently growing in community with a small group 
Give Time:
Time spent regularly using my gifts to serve others 
Go Time:
Time spent faithfully sharing my hope in Jesus
The Principles that Connect Our Habits:
Christian Living as the Church
Text: 1 Peter 2:9-12
1. Our Identity: Who we are in Christ
Treasured Possessions
Identity connects our knowing God (God Time) to worshiping God (Gather Time)
2. Our Character: Who we become in Christ
Wage War
Our Conduct
Spoken Against
Character connects our worshiping (Gather Time) and growing (Grow Time)
3. Our Relationship: Who we are together
a Chosen Race
a Royal Priesthood
a Holy Nation
a people of His own Possession
Relationship connects our growing (Grow Time) to serving (Go Time)
4. Our Mission: What we do with Christ
See Your Good Deeds
Mission connects serving to reaching the lost (Go Time)
If you would like to hear the full sermon regarding these Connectors, please search for “The Principles that Connect our Priorities”. This sermon was preached by Pastor Max as part of the Series “Jesus is Lord of All”.
Are you interested in learning more about the concepts behind the 5 Habits?
Pastor Deric and Pastor Max preached a number of sermons that explain the principles in the 5 Habits chart.
The 2017 sermon series Jesus is Lord of All provides more background that will help fill in some of the details of the chart. The Sermons in that series are as follows:
Following Jesus As Lord-Sep 10
Lord of my Daily Life-Sep 10
The Principles that Connect our Priorities-Oct 1
Gather Time-Oct 8
Grow Time-Oct 15
Building Believers by the Book-Oct 22
Ambassadors of Jesus Christ-Oct 29
Drop by our YouTube Channel and go to our 20/20 Vision Playlist for all of the above videos contained in one simple playlist. Or go to our Sermons Page of the Website please Search for “Jesus is Lord of All” or go to page 11 or more of the Library of Sermons (as of May 2020).