Intercessory Prayer

FEBRUARY 24th, 2021

For Family & Friends


• Baldwin (healing for kidney disease)
• Beth (niece, Wendy’s breast cancer treatment and Wendy’s husband’s depression)
• Bill (severe neuropathy; needs to lose weight)
• Cathy (mom’s Alzheimer’s)
• Clyde & Merline (nephew, Adam’s serious health issues)
• Cress (chemo treatment for her friend’s stage 4 cancer)
• David (advanced cancer)
• Ellen (thyroid cancer)
• Grace (nephew-in-law’s myeloma)
• Karen (son’s ADHD)
• Merline (heart and other health issues)
• Patrisha (continued recovery)
• Paulo (mother diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer)


• COVID Cases (Bill; Ysabel, Yuni & Hanna; Fekerte, Daniel & Sophia; Gord; Cristina’s sister, Angelica in Peru)
• Bill (new date for postponed medical procedure)
• Clarence (Blake’s complete recovery from stroke, his left side is still slightly numb)
• Eunice (heart condition)
• Joy (Gord diagnosed with cancer)
• Lee/Wang (passing of Christopher’s mom)
• Marlene (sister’s breast cancer chemo treatment)
• Nicole (friend, Nicola’s auto-immune disease; friend, Sharon’s recovery from surgery – she had an aneurysm)
• Paula (God’s guidance on decisions to be made)
• Sue (upcoming intravitreal injection in right eye)
• Udita (intestinal tumour)

For the Church:

Global Outreach Team (GOT):

• For meaningful support from the GO Team leadership as they care for our individual missionaries on the field or on leave at home.
• For creative new ways to assist, partner, and serve our GO Team missionaries through these COVID times.

Kelly Hogg

Crossworld, Mississauga:
• Pray for Kelly’s connections with students. It certainly looks different this year, but praise God for the intentional conversations she has been having with students and faculty.
• Pray for her financial support. She is working to raise some funding lost during this time.
• Pray for wisdom and guidance from the Lord for the best creative way to utilize her skills to keep students patient, but engaged and excited to work towards future internships overseas.