Intercessory Prayer

MAY 12th, 2021

For Family & Friends


• Baldwin (healing for kidney disease)
• Beth (niece, Wendy is in need of a miracle as she is approaching the limit of her treatment regime for breast cancer)
• Bill (severe neuropathy; needs to lose weight)
• Cathy (mom’s Alzheimer’s)
• Clyde & Merline (nephew, Adam’s serious health issues)
• Cress (chemo treatment for her friend’s stage 4 cancer)
• David (advanced cancer)
• Ellen (thyroid cancer)
• Grace (nephew-in-law’s myeloma)
• Karen (son’s ADHD)
• Merline (heart and other health issues)
• Patrisha (continued recovery)
• Paulo (mother diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer)


• Beth (sister-in-law, Claire who is awaiting her colonoscopy biopsy results)
• Bill (new date for postponed medical procedure)
• Carol (leg healing and recovery)
• Carol R (ongoing sinus, coughing issues and pneumonia)
• Clarence (Blake’s complete recovery from stroke, his left side is still slightly numb)
• Dino (recovery)
• Eunice (continued recovery from a bad leg infection and heart surgery)
• Gord (improved mobility, cancer treatment)
• Hazel (recovery from gall bladder surgery)
• Noreen (shingles, vision issues and iritis pain)
• Phil (his mom, uncle, and aunt’s health)
• Sue (comfort for her friend who lost her son in a car accident)

For the Church:

Care Ministry:

• For the congregation to connect with Pastor Drew regarding care needs for themselves or for others they may be aware of. The church would be thrilled to journey with them through private and public prayer and provide help in practical ways that may be needed.

Jerusha Ricketts

FEB, Medellin, Colombia:
• Jerusha is on staff with the Youth and Young Adults team, discipling women one on one and in small groups. She has recently been assigned the leadership role for the English Ministry geared towards young adults who work online and those who are retired. Pray for her as she develops a volunteer team and builds this ministry. 
• Pray for her language skills. She has learned a lot and understands a lot more, but still has difficulty communicating in Spanish comfortably.
• Praise the Lord that this Sunday will be the first Sunday back at church in weeks. Weekend curfews prevented them from meeting in person.