Intercessory Prayer

APRIL 21st, 2021

For Family & Friends


• Baldwin (healing for kidney disease)
• Beth (niece, Wendy’s breast cancer treatment and Wendy’s husband’s depression)
• Bill (severe neuropathy; needs to lose weight)
• Cathy (mom’s Alzheimer’s)
• Clyde & Merline (nephew, Adam’s serious health issues)
• Cress (chemo treatment for her friend’s stage 4 cancer)
• David (advanced cancer)
• Ellen (thyroid cancer)
• Grace (nephew-in-law’s myeloma)
• Karen (son’s ADHD)
• Merline (heart and other health issues)
• Patrisha (continued recovery)
• Paulo (mother diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer)


• COVID Cases (Bill & Janice – COVID pneumonia; Tess’ sister & brother-in-law in the Philippines; Michelle & family)
• Bell Family (passing of Kevin’s mom)
• Bill (new date for postponed medical procedure)
• Carol (leg healing and recovery)
• Clarence (Blake’s complete recovery from stroke, his left side is still slightly numb)
• Dino (recovery)
• Eunice (recovery from a bad leg infection and heart surgery)
• Gord (improved mobility, cancer treatment)
• Jim (continued relief from vertigo symptoms)
• Kostiw Family (passing of Adam’s mom)
• Rosemarie (St. Vincent’s volcanic eruption, pray for the people on the island)

For the Church:

Women’s Ministries:

• Our Tea for Eight takes place on Saturday, April 24th, where ladies are encouraged to engage in an online time of sharing, encouragement and sipping tea/coffee. Pray that there will be no technical difficulties and that the ladies will leave feeling refreshed and connected. 

Kwashie & Davi Amenudzie

CrossWorld, West Africa:
• Praise for Djark, an African missionary, who attended a missionary training session with Kwashie in 2017. Djark has been using his farming skills to share the Gospel with the unreached Muslim people in Ghana, Benin and Togo. Pray that those who hear the Gospel will come to faith in Christ.
• Pray that Djark and his wife will grow closer to the Lord and to each other, and that the Lord will provide means for them to one day own a property for farming.