Intercessory Prayer

JUNE 3rd, 2020

For Family & Friends


• Adam (his mother’s health)
• Affrigina (cousin-in-law’s severe lung disease)
• Aracelli (her brother Alex’s serious health issues)
• Beth (breast cancer treatment for her niece Wendy, friend & sister-in-law; nephew-in-law’s depression; Bernice & Regeana’s vertigo)
• Bill (severe neuropathy, needs to lose weight)
• Clyde & Merline (their nephew Adam’s serious health issues)
• David (advanced cancer)
• Gail (friend Nicky’s blood clot around her heart)
• Jen (single parent with brain tumour and heart complications)
• Karen (Jerry’s ADHD and his struggle in school; her friend awaiting a heart transplant)
• Marlene (her grandchildren’s mother’s chemo and radiation treatment)
• Michelle (Preston’s continued recovery from seizures)
• Patrisha (continued recovery)


• Baldwin (strength, courage and healing as he starts his dialysis)
• Bill (for protection, love, grace and peace for his workplace and the people; pray that people would be kind and respectful to each other)
• Cress (chemo treatment for her friend’s stage 4 cancer)
• Ellen (thyroid cancer)
• Grace (her nephew-in-law’s myeloma)
• Lina (that she will overcome her fear and anxiety)
• Loretta (healing for Audrey who fell and broke the bones in her left kneecap)
• Mascardo Family (the passing of Katrina’s dad)
• Merline (her heart tests and other health issues)
• Nita (for her next eye checkup in September)

For the Church:

Small Groups:

• Pray our small groups will find creative ways to connect, encourage and serve one another during this current health crisis.
• That each leader would be Spirit-led and full of God’s wisdom.

Diego & Claudia Cordona

Fellowship International, Colombia:
• Pray for Diego and Claudia’s health. They have many exams and medical tests, but are improving thanks to the Lord.
• Pray for Diego as he directs two one-hour programs on local radio that reaches up to six million listeners. Pray that God will use him greatly in this new ministerial adventure.
• Pray for Claudia who supports pregnant Venezuelan women who arrive in Colombia without resources.


JUNE 3rd, 2020

• Peace and God’s wisdom around being transferred to a different school, and that He would use me as an ambassador for Him wherever I am placed.
• Time, wisdom, and the Spirit’s leading to start preparing for teaching the Bible lessons at our virtual Vacation Bible School (VBS) in July, and to wrap up school where I currently am.