Intercessory Prayer

SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2020

For Family & Friends


• Baldwin (healing for kidney disease)
• Beth (her niece, Wendy’s breast cancer treatment and Wendy’s husband’s depression)
• Bill (severe neuropathy, needs to lose weight)
• Clyde & Merline (their nephew, Adam’s serious health issues)
• David (advanced cancer)
• Marlene (her grandchildren’s mother’s chemo and radiation treatment)
• Michelle (Preston’s continued recovery from seizures)
• Patrisha (continued recovery)


• Bill (protection and safety at work from religious persecution, bullying, and ungodliness towards him)
• Cathy (her dad’s progressing Parkinson’s disease – he is presently in the hospital for low oxygen level; her mom’s Alzheimer)
• Christine (for 4-year-old Dominic’s brain surgery on Oct 5th for his severe seizures. Surgery should be 90% successful but he will lose sight at the side of his eyes; pray for his parents)
• Cress (chemo treatment for her friend’s stage 4 cancer)
• Ellen (thyroid cancer)
• Grace (her nephew-in-law’s myeloma)
• Karen (her son, Jerry’s learning challenges)
• Marlene (her sister’s breast cancer diagnosis)
• Merline (her heart tests and other health issues)
• Nita (vision)

For the Church:

SHiFT Men’s Ministry:

• Pray for our men, that they would be leaders in their homes, church family, neighbourhoods and workplaces during this extraordinary crisis in our world. Pray that they would take the initiative to lead by example, to pray for God’s mercy and protection, to self-sacrificially serve others, and to reach out with hope to those in despair.

Toe-Blake & Linda Roy

BLF Canada:
• Pray for the process of getting permits and organizing plans for the construction of their old church into a radio station now that their application has been accepted by the CRTC. Pray that the Lord will provide everything needed for His work to be done in His time.