• pray for those you greet and that they may see Christ’s love through you
• serve as a greeter as if you were serving Jesus, himself!
• 2 at front door stay until 20 minutes after service starts or there are no people arriving
• 2 at back door stays until 5 minutes after service starts – ensure the door is locked and the sign is in place before you leave your post
• When speaking to anyone, be kind, friendly, welcoming, helpful & understanding
• be ready to help newcomers find their way to the place which best meets their needs. (e.g. Kingdom Kids, washrooms, Welcome Centre, etc.)
• you are always a greeter! Not just when you are on duty. If you see someone who hasn’t been greeted, greet them. If you sit beside someone you don’t know in the service, greet them!
• Once a month on Sundays, the service of your chose (8:15AM or 9:45AM or 11:30AM). Arrive 20-30 minutes before the service starts
• Attend 3 training / gatherings a year
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