The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) with the Coalition for HealthCARE are calling on all people of faith to a “Conscience Campaign”, especially in Ontario, in February and March 2018.

The following plea comes from the EFC:

Today in Ontario:   

Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other caregivers are compelled to participate in euthanasia against their moral convictions, by providing an effective referral for their patients.  Euthanasia advocacy groups are threatening court action against faith-based hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices unless they allow euthanasia on their premises. Only a third of the population has access to adequate palliative care, which leaves many without real choice on end of life issues. 

Ask your church members to pray for this campaign. We need the Lord to intervene so that doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other health care workers will be able to continue caring for patients, without being compelled to act against their deeply held beliefs. Pray for our province and our country to uphold freedom of conscience and religion.
Encourage your congregation to write to your MPP and to the candidates for the 2018 Ontario election. You can write to your MPP now using the website While the EFC has already expressed our concerns to the government, it is helpful and compelling when Christians at the grass roots level demonstrate their deep concern about this issue, as well.
Engage your community
The Coalition has developed free resources to equip your community to participate, including announcements, bulletin inserts, and more. The resources are available here. If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Cameron, the Campaign Support Worker for the 2018 Ontario Call for Conscience Campaign at, 647.228.5411.
Please prayerfully consider what your part might be in February – March 2018 in this “Conscience Campaign”. Consider how you might be engaged. Pray about it. Don’t remain silent.