Day 9 – Saturday:

The day started with everyone having breakfast with their host families. After breakfast, the team met up at the church. Once everyone had arrived at the church, we left for Bello Oriente, an impoverished community up the mountain. The drive to Bello Oriente was a very disorientating one, due to the winding and very bumpy roads. Fortunately, we arrived before anyone got overly carsick. 

Upon arrival to Bello Oriente, we learned that the community had not actually expected us to be there today. This resulted in a small group going out to gather youth to bring them to the events we had planned. While the small group was out gathering youth, the rest of the group set up. Once enough kids were present, we started our planned activities. We started by playing some games, which allowed us to get to know the children – who were adorable! After the games, a snack was given to the kids. The drama team (Isabel, Julia, Justin, and Richard) then presented the drama skit, entitled Silla del Pecado – Chair of Sin. After a lot of laughter due to the skit and due to Justin being a “chino,” Jerusha shared the gospel with the children. We then played a game of fútbol. The Canadians played against the Colombians…and not surprisingly, we were thoroughly outclassed and embarrassed. Afterwards, we were able to spend some quality time with the children. By the end of our time at Bello Oriente, we developed some close relationships with the kids, who were all very sweet. The entire experience was very fulfilling, and eye opening. The experience of a Medellín slum and the conditions that the children live in had a strong emotional effect on everyone. But leaving the kids was by far the saddest part.

We left Bello Oriente, once again enduring the winding, and bumpy ride back to the church. Upon arrival, we continued preparations for the coastal mission. We then had dinner and a team meeting. Following the meal and meeting, we quickly transitioned into our third and final ESL night. We taught them English through a Canadian theme; Canada Day being tomorrow. It was very encouraging to see the improvement of some of the Colombians’ English, in only such a short amount of time. The ESL night also served as a way for us to further develop relationships with the Colombians.

After an extremely emotionally, and physically exhausting day, we all went home. We were also notified that we could sleep in the next day, which was phenomenal news for the entire team. 

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