Day 8 – Friday:

Halfway. It’s been a week since we arrived!

Today was our last day at the Transformados Retreat. In the morning, the campers played some water sports on the soccer field and in the pool. 

Then we had our first meeting. We worshiped together in English and Spanish. Again, it’s beautiful when voices unite to praise our God. Then Amy and Esh shared their testimonies. Following this, Pastor Greg spoke on the transformation of Paul, “A Renewed Strength.” From there, we met for the last time in our small groups to discuss the testimonies and message, and find application going forward. 

Later, the drama team (Richard, Julia, Isabel, and Justin) presented. Though the drama was wordless, it had a clear gospel message. 

The GO Team was called to the front of the meeting room. The Colombians expressed the ways that the testimonies of the GO Team members have been relatable and encouraging. They then prayed for us. 

The buses arrived to bring us back “home” to the church. We said many sad good-byes to our new friends from camp. 

Back at the church, the GO Team met to debrief. We each shared stories, laughs, thankfulness, and ways in which we had seen God work at the camp. We then began planning for ESL, the visit to Bello Oriente tomorrow, and the Coastal Mission trip coming up. We stayed late at the church preparing and sorting through supplies. Then we returned home to our host families. 


•Bello Oriente, mercy ministry tomorrow (Saturday).  We hope to encourage the women and children, and give clothing donations

• ESL tomorrow (Saturday) evening – final preparations, and good attendance

•Trip to the coast coming up next week. We now understand that we have 200 children expected to attend the Day Camp. (We had prepared for about 80 kids.) For organization of supplies and activities, for health and safety, and that God would work in the hearts of the children

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