Day 2:

Day 2 dawned bright and sunny, so we had our first glimpse of the city in the daylight! It’s fast paced and the traffic is wild by Mississauga standards!
We spent the whole day at Laureles, one of the 3 El Redil churches that we’re working alongside this trip. The Team spent most of the day practicing our drama and worship, as Pastor Greg put the finishing touches on his presentation on growing and developing lay youth leaders. All the while that we work, our Go Team continues to become a tightly knit unit and we’re genuinely having a blast doing ministry together. We were told to expect 30 youth leaders to attend this evening’s conference, but the number ended up being close to 70 leaders from 8 different churches! Praise God!
All in all, it was another fun, challenging and long day!
Please continue to pray that we grow together as a Team, that we remain determined to let God use us as He sees fit and that the Lord receives all the praise and glory for whatever is accomplished here! Thank you!

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