Day 16 – Saturday:

The Final Day
Continuing from what was really a very long (and emotional) last day on the Friday, we packed the bus at the church at 1:30AM Saturday morning to head to the airport for our early flight home. It was bittersweet to be parting ways with our new friends and Colombian family in order to be reunited with our families back home. On this mission, each team member truly poured out their hearts in order to connect with the Colombians. The enormous impact this had was palpable, but the impact was two-ways. Many tears were shed. Many good-byes (or rather, see-you-laters!) were said. I think it took at least 5 rounds of hugs and good-byes for each person before we could really mean it!
On Saturday, we travelled home without any complications or problems—with the exception of an extended delay in waiting for our checked baggage after arrival. But by now we know the meaning of the word “adjusting” to the many unforeseeable changes in our schedules! So we made the best of it as a team, despite our exhaustion. And now we’re home safe and sound!
• Processing Emotions: That we learn how to embrace and reflect upon that wild mixture of emotions we are all experiencing after such a moving mission
• Colombians: That the leaders especially would have wisdom, and the people would continue to grow and be inspired and impassioned by our visit
• Future Missions Planning: That we would be given wisdom and direction as we seek to plan for future initiatives and projects and to develop our partnership with Redil Poblado and our efforts on the coast

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