Day 15 – Friday:

There was a complex mixture of emotions in all of our hearts today. The whole team is looking forward to going home to our own showers and beds (and of course, our families and friends too!). But seriously, taking time to catch up on the rest that we need will be wonderful. Nonetheless, we are still sad to leave the people that we have formed such strong bonds with. Despite the short amount of time we had here in Colombia, we were able to build invaluable connections with members of the Redil churches as well as the non-believers we encountered. Oh man, and the kids! Everyone is going to miss one other very much. Many tears were shed when it came time to leave.

Today was a very simple day, because until noon when we met at church, each pair of team members spent time with our host families. Some activities include: riding the bus, metro and cable car, touring a castle, and going to malls for coffee and souvenirs. At noon, we ate lunch with Diego and Claudia – missionaries that City Centre Baptist Church supports. After lunch and until Transformados (the name of the youth group at church), we held a very long onsite debrief meeting for the whole missions trip. We also set up to celebrate Jerusha’s birthday for after Transformados. The debrief meeting was much-needed and satisfying, in order to begin reflecting on all that the Lord has done in and through us. Jerusha’s little birthday party was filled with love, because everyone loves Jerusha! The celebration, mingled with long “see you laters,” lasted until after midnight, when we finally had to pack the bus with our bags to head home.

• Sickness: That multiple sick team members will recover quickly – little baby Clara included
• Home-Away-From-Home Sickness: That we will all adjust well to a Canadian summer apart from our Colombian family as well as from the close quarters lifestyle we grew accustomed to with one another on our team
• Fruitfulness: That the seeds planted through our ministry will grow in our absence.

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