Day 14 – Thursday:


Today began very early for a few members of the GO Team. We got up at 5:00AM to swim in the ocean during the sunrise. (It was well-worth the tiredness we experienced later.) It was so nice to see so much beauty, and to be able to fellowship with the Colombians that had come to the coast with us. 

At 7:30AM, those of the Colombian group that were not flying with the GO Team began their long drive back for Medellin.

The rest of us had breakfast with ocean views. We got packed up, boarded a bus, and headed for the airport. We had lunch at the airport, and began debriefing about our coastal mission, sharing the high points and what we each had learned from the experience. 

We were thankful to arrive safely in Medellin, with no lost baggage or other complications.  

The GO Team from the Coast was glad to be reunited at the El Redil church with Caitlin, Christina, and Clara.

We will be spending the evening with our host families. Time is going so quickly, but we are thankful for so many blessings experienced thus far. 

Today is day 14 and I (Christina) can’t believe it!  It seems like just yesterday we arrived and by tomorrow evening we will be headed back to the airport…to home.

Today was a special day for Caitlin and I as we were reunited with the rest of the GO Team.  It was great to see them and know that they are in good health. We sure did miss them!

Tonight was the women’s monthly event. We had a great turn out with about 60 women. They welcomed us both with such warmth, kindness and hospitality. We had a great night of fellowship with the night kicking off with some tasty sandwiches, Colombian coffee and finger foods. Then Caitlin had the ladies play a game which was a great icebreaker. Then we opened up with prayer and praise and worship which was led by the Redil church band who did a fantastic job as usual.

Christina then shared her message on identity which was translated by Cindy who did a great job. Thank you Cindy!

Once again Caitlin put together a beautiful craft for the ladies. Laminated scripture verses on key chains reminding us of our new Identity in Christ. It was a big hit with the ladies!  We then closed with more worship songs and a time of prayer. Overall, it was a great night and we were both blessed to be a part of it.

• Safety for those driving back from the Coast to Medellin
• Transformados tomorrow evening – testimonies, worship, and message
• Time with host families – for unity and opportunities for conversation on how God has been working
• The journey home on Saturday – time to reflect on trip, safety, and help in adjusting back to regular routine
• That the women will reflect on what they have heard tonight
• That they will memorize the scripture verses that they have on their keychains
• That the GO Team will continue to be healthy, energized and have sound sleep after a long and challenging week

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