Day 13 – Wednesday:


Today was our last day of kids camp at the coast. It was an exhausting, and thankfully fruitful day of running around and just making sure everything would work as smoothly as possible. Though the idea of finally getting out of the heat of the field and the school area seemed like a refreshing prospect, we had made such astonishingly strong connections with the children over the two days of having run camp that we started missing them before they had even left.

Just like yesterday, we left the hotel early (7:00AM this time) with our bags packed, Colombian breakfast in our stomachs, ready to serve. The first day, we had arrived late due to traffic and certain cars getting slightly lost on the drive there. But today, we arrived early enough to set up a bit before the kids came in their buses. 

After attendance was taken, the first thing we did was to “warm up” on the soccer field. Warm ups are not the best part for leaders, seeing as it’s already very warm out, but the kids seem to enjoy it. Throughout the day, speaking and teaching and drinking loads of water and playing almost as recklessly as they’d like – were spread out activities. Water is VERY important, and the plastic they come from are quite similar to Ziploc bags minus the zipper section. Art was held in the afternoon, after another refreshing lunch in the shade, and so many kids wrote the team notes about how we’re beautiful and about how they “love their ticher.” It was adorable, and their smiles truly showcased the innocent beauty of God’s creation. At the end of the camp day, we handed medals out to each group’s ‘Camper of the Week,’ and took a last huge picture with everyone in it. We were very sad to see the kids go, and we will keep them in our prayers.

Once the campsite was cleaned up, the locals involved with camp prayed over us, and then we hit the road. After this, the only highlight that stands out is our “night-time swim.” It felt like midnight because of how dark it was and how many constellations we could see, but it was really only 7:00PM when we got into the radio, and extended no later than 9:00PM. For some team members, this was a wildly crazy experience. The water was so warm, we sang worships songs, and one couldn’t tell where the ocean met the sky, where the waves crashed into the stars.

We wrapped the day up with an excellent dinner at the new hotel (the fried fish especially tasted very authentic) and retired to bed, some of us planning to wake up before the sunrise and spend as much time with the driving team back to Medellin. The whole day was such a wondrous experience, full of mixed emotions. Ciao for now!
Medellin Women’s Ministry

Today Caitlin and I (Christina) had a wonderful day. First we started the day off by meeting at Redil Church where we collected our supplies for the arts and crafts for the event tonight. Caitlin came up with the great idea to laminate beautifully designed scripture verses and make it into key chains for the ladies. The final product looked fantastic and the women really enjoyed putting them together. Thank you Caitlin for your creativity and hard work!

There was a smaller than usual turn out but it worked out wonderfully. The atmosphere was intimate and casual and allowed for great discussion time. We had many questions following our sharing and it was so touching to see how the women opened up. We both were so truly blessed by their openness and transparency. There was genuine unity and a strong bond tonight amongst the women.  It wa a perfect ending to a great day.
• Pray that the future of the kids we left behind would outshine their circumstances, though many of such circumstances are of brokenness and darkness
• Pray for health, because lots of us are on-and-off sick
• Pray for us to be able to hold onto our sanity for these last few days, clinging to willpower and the patience of the Holy Spirit to get us through
• Pray that Christina will deliver the message on Identity with boldness and clarity
• Pray that the ladies will be impacted by the message and that they will feel comfortable enough to share the struggles that they are facing
• Pray that those who do not know the Lord will come to a saving faith in Jesus

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