Day 12 – Tuesday:

Today was our first day of camp on the coast. The camp was organized similarly to City Centre’s sports camps. We had breakfast at 6:45AM, and were all sitting in the cars by 7:15AM. Despite our best efforts to be early in order to set up for camp, we arrived much later than planned due to unexpected delays (including a flat tire). The empty camp site we explored yesterday was now packed with over a hundred kids running around. Most of the kids sported the FIFA shirt of the Colombian team.nWe rushed to set up, dividing the kids into different teams based on ages. Each of the GO Team members had a team of between 10 and 20 kids.

The kids spent the morning playing soccer, doing drills and team activities. The weather was hot and humid, but the kids weren’t phased by it.

To be honest, there were times when the GO team members felt frustrated and sad. Even with 1 translator for each team, the language barrier made communicating and getting to know the kids extremely difficult. It’s heart breaking to hear a child call your name, eagerly trying to tell you something or ask a question, but feeling completely lost in what they said or how to answer. A few of us prayed about our frustrations over lunch.

After lunch, we set up the FIFA game on a projector in one of the rooms. The kids cheered loudly for their team. Sadly, Colombia didn’t win.

Meanwhile, another room was set up for arts and crafts. Each of the kids got a Canadian notebook to decorate, and a Bible verse colouring sheet. They were so eager for basic art supplies, like stamps and markers.

We combined teams and then split into small groups with individual teams, where GO Team members shared a simple gospel message.

Despite us feeling frustrated and inadequate, we ended the day on a high note. The kids were all smiles and hugs, thanking us, and giving us cards they made with the art supplies. It was extremely humbling.

We cleaned up the camp, and drove back at the end of the day to debrief as a team. God is good!

Medellin Women’s Ministry
Wow! it is already day 12 and only four more days to go. We cannot believe it is going by so fast. We are really enjoying it here and don’t want to leave.

Today was a quiet day for us. Caitlin and I (Christina) decided that we would spend the first half of the day preparing for the young women’s event on Wednesday night where we will both be sharing with the ladies.

Caitlin will be sharing her past struggles with self esteem and dating in her teenage years. I will be sharing how I longed to be married as well as the struggles I now face in marriage in terms of submission, respect and what it means for the husband to be the leader of the home.

In the afternoon we were both with our host families as they watched the world cup soccer match against England. Unfortunately Colombia lost in overtime.

The evening was spent preparing some final notes and talking with our host families and then off to bed.

• Safety in transportation of kids to and from camp. They come from their churches on busses
• Second day of camp tomorrow: clear gospel message and invitation, and that kids would accept Christ. Pray for help in communication
• That Caitlin and Christina would be able to have authentic conversations with the young women and that they would feel Christ’s love for them
• Pray that the ladies would feel safe enough to share what is on their hearts without fear of judgement
• Pray that Caitlin and Christina would be led by the Spirit and use wisdom and discernment when speaking

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