Day 11 – Monday:


We began this day bright and early. We had breakfast with the Colombian mission team members, who have joined us for this mission trip on a mission trip.

Breakfast was not the typical arepas and eggs we were used to from Medellin. The Colombians explained that the breakfast we ate was more typical of coastal food.

After breakfast, the team split into a few cars and a van, and drove from our resort at Gerazim to the camp site at the coast. The GO Team members enjoyed good conversations during the hour long drive there.

The camp site was a school ground. There were 2-3 classrooms (pavilion style, with wooden tables and benches) and 2 outdoor field spaces, each of which we could use for camp.

Under the shade, we met for a team meeting to prepare for camp tomorrow. We quickly began to notice the heat and humidity.

We walked down a block of fields to a place where one of the churches in the coastal area would usually meet for services. It wasn’t a building, but more of a pavilion open space, made out of bamboo, and with a dirt floor. The church family was so hospitable, and we ate a homemade meal together. Next door to this meeting place, a new building is being constructed. They hope to have the roof of this new church building completed soon, and will serve as a new meeting place.

We drove back to Gerazim resort. We had all agreed that we were exhausted and would spend the afternoon resting, but we started a game of volleyball and continued until dinner.

Pastor Greg, a few members of the Go Team, and some of the Colombians went to one of the local churches. Pastor Greg preached there. The remaining part of the team prepared Bible lessons for the kids for tomorrow.


Today was a holiday in Colombia. Caitlin and I (Christina) got a chance to spend some time with our host families this morning as as well as focus on any last minute preparations for tonight’s youth event for boys and girls.

At 5:00PM, Caitlin and I met at the Redil church where we met with the youth leader Jullian and our translator Sebastian. We were able to spend some time in prayer and connect with the youth as they arrived for the event starting at 6:00PM. We were welcomed with much love and enthusiasm.

The night started out with 2 really fun games, which Caitlin was able to participate in. We then transitioned into our testimonies where we all sat on the floor together in a circle. It was intimate and we felt very much like a family. I shared about my broken relationship I had with mom before I became a Christian and how God reconciled the two of us after the Lord saved me.

Caitlin shared the struggles she had growing up with her parents, also being from a broken home, and where she is now in her relationship with them. It was very profound!

The night ended with the group splitting up into pairs and sharing what was on their hearts. After that, everyone enjoyed a cup of ice cream. The night was great and we were both very excited and humbled by the experience!

• Camp tomorrow. We still remain unsure of how many campers will be coming. For campers and Go Team workers, that God would give us the words to say and would prepare hearts of the children

•Tomorrow’s preparation for our Young Women’s event on Wednesday night

•That the Lord would guide Caitlin and Christina to speak on issues that these young women are struggling with and that the Gospel would bring transformation and the breakthrough they need to live lives that glorify Him
•That Caitlin and Christina would be bold and courageous, and speak the truth of God’s word in love and clarity

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