Day 10 – Sunday:

Finding joy

Well, today started the mission trip on a mission trip from Medellin to La Estacion on the northern coast.

We slept in during the morning, using Sunday morning as a rest day. We packed up our suitcases again and left for the church (Poblado), making it to the 12:00 service. 

The team then left for lunch with Carmen, who is overseeing the mission trip to the coast of Colombia (“the coast”). We ate in 20 minutes, and rushed back to the church, and loaded our bags into taxis. We said sad goodbyes to Caitlin and Christina/Clara, who are staying behind for women’s ministry in Medellin. 

When we got to the local airport in Medellin, we found out that our flight (previously delayed over an hour), was now an hour early, and the plane was waiting for us. We had nearly missed the flight!

We were surprised to find out we were the only ones on the 19-seater plane. We enjoyed a turbulent ride with lots of laughs among the team. 

We landed at the coast in Corozal. Carmen presented us with some good news and some bad news. The good news: we survived a turbulent flight. The bad news: 4 people’s checked bags were left behind in Medellin due to the flying conditions. 

The team made the best of the situation. A bus dropped us off at a local mall, where we ran around looking for supplies that would get us through 1-2 days without the missing items left in Medellin. 

We made it to the hotel at the coast, which is a Christian retreat centre. We had dinner together and a team meeting. We were joined by the Colombian team from the Redil church (who survived a 16+ hour drive in cars, one car getting lost along the way). We’re happy to say Jerusha also joined us at the coast, which was a change of plan after finding out the Kids Camp registrations were almost double we had planned for. But because we found out last minute, she ended up  taking the long car ride with our Redil partners. Apparently she had a blast!

We thank God for protecting us, and for helping us to find joy despite a few set backs.


Medellin Women’s Ministry

Well it is day 10 here in Colombia and another great day although somewhat sad.

For the first part of the day we were able to spend some needed quality time with our host families because from here on in it is going to be go, go, go with so many activities happening and before we know it we will be back on a plane to Toronto.

We later met at the Redil church and from there we went out for a delicious lunch just around the corner. We then headed back to the church where the team picked up their luggage and waited for their cabs to drive them to the local airport to fly to the coast. Caitlin, Clara and I (Christina) will be staying back to help with the women’s ministry here in Medellin.  We will greatly miss the rest of our team.

Caitlin, Clara and I then met with a few of the Redil team leaders to discuss the upcoming women’s events that Caitlin and I have the privilege of speaking at.

From there we went back to our host families to spend the night with them and do some final preparing for our youth event tomorrow evening.
•Safety at the coast – insect-borne/water illnesses, malicious persons, spiritual warfare (something already encountered on Saturday)

•Planning for kids camp – we are expecting up to 200 kids!

• Team unity – between the Redil staff and GO Team

• The luggage left in Medellin would arrive tomorrow

• Boys and girls youth event in Poblado Monday night

• Pray that their hearts and minds would be receptive and transformed as Caitlin and I share pieces of our testimonies and what it means to obey our parents

• Pray that there would be a strong turn out

• Pray that those who do not know Jesus would be impacted by the Gospel

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