To extend love and care to people in our congregation in need, by meeting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
Everyone Can Care!
Pastors will always be on the front lines of care. But there are always many more needs than pastors can effectively meet by themselves. Care ministry provides a Biblical solution, equipping City Centre people for ministry.


We are looking for committed Christians who will care for others in our congregation, either on a team or as individuals on an ongoing basis, or whenever care is needed.
Be a Care Minister
Committed Christians will care for the needs of one individual at a time until the person is no longer in need of care. The person you will be caring for will ALWAYS be the same gender as you. As you care for this one individual you will call regularly, visit as much as needed and even stop by with a meal if necessary. TRAINING IS AVAILABLE.
Click HERE to see a Care Ministers Profile where you will learn what the expectations and commitments are required to be a Care Minister.
For those in crisis or in a new chapter in their life, and find themselves in need of meals, we can provide gift cards for meals to be delivered  for a certain duration of time. (i.e. new baby, new home, illness etc)

funeral food We are looking for individuals that will be willing to make sandwiches or squares for funeral receptions that are held onsite.

funeral reception We are looking for individuals that are willing to join a team. Teams of six. The team leader will be called and he or she will contact their team to provide the reception. They will organize and execute the funeral reception. One of the pastoral team will assist families during and before the actual funeral and visitation.
If you or someone you know has a care need request please complete the form below and someone from our Care Ministry team will contact you immediately. Please remember to include all important contact information so we can get a hold of you.
Examples of care needs: illness, upcoming surgery, injury, death in the family, birth and other health issues

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    If you are interested in getting involved please email, call 905.826.8581 or visit the Welcome Centre  on Sunday to let us know of your current need.